My last relationship,

I can’t believe it’s officially done between my ex girlfriend and I. A good 2 years of a constant roller coaster ride. I never understand why she thought I was a bad boyfriend to her, I always catered to her, took care of her, and took her back even after she cheated on me multiple times. There was times where I got mad at her for stupid reasons but it’s because I had MAJOR TRUST ISSUES… It’s all a learning process and I wonder how things would of been if she never cheated on me…

What people never seem to know is when one person cheats in the relationship it makes the other person feel like they’re entirely not good enough for them. I’ve tried to tell her multiple times how I felt when she cheated on me but she didn’t comprehend it. After Many talks and constant lecturing to her she never learned and continued to cheat on me.
I’m honestly hurt and mad at the same time but what else can I do about it? It just clearly shows I didn’t matter to her after everything I’ve done for her.

People in relationships, if you’re not happy with the partner please talk it out or break it off because cheating is obviously not the answer. It just makes things worse.

Please don’t mind this post, just a late night thought that always gets to me….

It’s so stupid that you say you understand but you actually don’t. Going through the hassle of trying to explain shit again and getting into argument because of that is ridiculous. It would be easily avoided if you understand and listened for once.

You’re my downfall, you’re my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you.

Constantly over thinking things and running into problems. My mind and body is completely exhausted…I’m slowly breaking down and I hate it so much. I just pray that things get better…